Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Stockholm

with accreditation to Denmark, Finland, Iceland & Norway

Lost Passport

Application for a Lost Passport Replacement

Requirements/ Checklist for Lost Passports :-

  1. A duly filled and signed form 19;
  2. Payment of SEK1200 (click here);
  3. A photocopy (Bio Data Page) of the lost passport;
  4. Photocopy of Kenya ID card if applicant is 18 years and above;
  5. Photocopy of birth certificate (front and back);
  6. Three (3) passport size photos (https://kenyaembassystockholm.com/images/ID_Picture.png);
  7. A photocopy of the Kenyan recommender’s ID card (front and back). The recommender should not be related to the applicant and must sign the recommender’s section on the application form;
  8. Duly filled consent form for minors;
  9. Applicant’s letter explaining circumstances for loss of the passport;
  10. An affidavit to support circumstances surrounding the loss of the passport;
  11. A police abstract report explaining loss of passport; and
  12. Original Certificate of Registration if Kenyan by naturalisation and 1 photocopy of the front and back.
  13. Duly filled and signed lost passport questionnaire.