Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Stockholm

with accreditation to Denmark, Finland, Iceland & Norway

The Map of Kenya

Kenya’s 582,644 sq.km/224,960 sq.m encompasses a world in microcosm, containing almost every known land form – from glacial ice to arid desert, from mountain massifs to rich savannah, from large lakes to dense forest – breathtaking scenery.

Variations in altitude are extreme and so, too, are the contrasts in climate. While varying with locality, it is seldom harsh and in areas frequented by visitors, is little short of perfect. The variations create contrasts – the heat of the coast to the frosty early mornings of the highlands, and the burning heat of the northern deserts – but at the coast, fanned by the ocean breezes, it is neither too hot or too cold, offering long sun-filled days – apart from the ‘green’ month of May when the rains replenish the earth.