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Regaining of Kenyan Citizenship

Section 10(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 provides that: –

  1. A person who was a citizen of Kenya by birth and who ceased to be a citizen of Kenya because he or she acquired the citizenship of another country may apply in the prescribed manner, to the Cabinet Secretary to regain Kenyan citizenship; and
  2. The application under subsection
  • Shall be accompanied by—
  1. Proof of applicant’s previous Kenyan citizenship;
  2. Proof of citizenship of the other country;

The requirements for regaining citizenship include: –

  1.  Form 1 dully filled and signed;
  2. Copy of Kenyan passport previously held;
  3. Copy of National Identity Card previously held;
  4. Copy of birth certificate issued by Government of Kenya at birth;
  5. Copy of Passport of the other country;
  6. Three(3) current, clear and un-mounted passport size photographs not less than 6 months. Click for specifications;

• No earing or headgear (no hats).
•Hair should be away from the face
•No eyeglasses

  1. Fee of SEK 500 paid to (Click here); and
  2. Verify that you have the required document/pre-requisites and you meet the relevant criteria before you apply.
  3. Copy of the certificate of naturalization if not in Swedish/ Norwegian must be translated into English.
  4. A self-address envelope with sufficient stamps, international coupons or click here for information on postal charges.

Click for checklist to enable accurate submission of requirements


  1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted;
  2. Fee paid is non-refundable