Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Stockholm

with accreditation to Denmark, Finland, Iceland & Norway

Kenya and Sweden Strengthen Trade Relations through Open Trade Gate Sweden Training Program

Kenya and Sweden have long enjoyed a robust and mutually beneficial trade partnership, offering ample opportunities for collaboration and expansion. This week, Kenyan participants in the Open Trade Gate Sweden (OTGS) training program through The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA) are in Stockholm to deepen their understanding of the Swedish market, connect with retailers, and engage with various agencies that help refine and enhance their export capabilities to meet Swedish and EU product standards.

Yesterday, the participants attended a welcome meeting with Ambassador Diana Kiambuthi. During the session, The Ambassador offered valuable insights into the Swedish market dynamics and emphasised the importance of complying with the EU’s stringent product requirements. She highlighted the crucial role of packaging, consistent supply, and discipline in ensuring successful exports to Sweden. The ambassador advised participants to adhere to these standards to guarantee that Kenyan products meet the quality expectations of both the Swedish and broader EU markets.

Additionally, the participants had the opportunity to meet and learn from a Kenyan Diaspora member, Ms Anne Eriksson, who resides in Sweden and is a successful importer of Kenyan products. Ms Eriksson shared her experiences in importing Kenyan goods, including tea, coffee, and Farmers Choice Sausages, and offered valuable insights on overcoming the challenges of exporting to the Swedish market. She also provided tips on achieving success in the larger EU market.

In summary, the welcome meeting proved highly informative and set a positive tone for a week of knowledge-sharing and networking aimed at enhancing Kenyan exporters’ understanding of the Swedish market, forging relationships with retailers, and exploring new trade opportunities. The participants left the meeting with a renewed commitment to bolster trade relations between Kenya and Sweden and a clear export agenda for Kenyan products.