Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Stockholm

with accreditation to Denmark, Finland, Iceland & Norway

Month: April 2020

Emergency Travel Documents

Emergency Certificates are issued only in cases of genuine emergency. This is a one-way document, issued to a Kenyan who needs to travel to Kenya urgently and has mutilated or lost a passport. The applicant must present himself/ herself to the Embassy in PERSON for interview. Requirements for Emergency Travel Documents are as follows: – […]

Issuance of pet Import Licenses

Requirements: A letter from the pet owner requesting for the pet license; Letter from pet owner to provide name, contact address and telephone number; Copy of Passport of the pet owner; Copy of pet Passport; Evidence of up to date vaccinations against rabies and any infectious, contagious disease or parasites; A clearance health certificate from a […]


The potential of Kenya’s cultural heritage, arts and sports is enormous and there is need for its exploitation for the development of the country. Over the years, Kenya has continuously placed emphasis on cultural recognition and understanding as the basis for dialogue. It is through cultural activities, arts and sports that Kenya is best represented. […]


Kenya is Africa’s most popular safari destination and it’s capital Nairobi is East Africa’s economic hub. Beach tourism, eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and sports tourism are all part of the tourism sector in Kenya. Magical Kenya

Trade and Investment

Kenya is the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. Its GDP accounts for more than 50 per cent of the region’s total and in terms of current market prices, its 2017 GDP stood at $74.94 billion.