Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Stockholm

with accreditation to Denmark, Finland, Iceland & Norway

Single Journey Visa Application from Companies/ Organizations

Single journey visa is issued to persons whose nationalities require visas to enter Kenya.

Nationals of Countries, Classes and Categories of Persons who require this Visa Click here;


  1. Visa application Form 22 to be duly filled, signed and dated;
  2. Original passport of the applicant with a validity of at least six months;
  3. Valid Passport/travel document of the applicants Bio data page and page showing validity of at least six months;
  4. Copy of travel itinerary of the applicant;
  5. Three(3) current, clear and un-mounted passport size photographs not less than 6 months. Click for specifications;
    • No earing or headgear(no hats).
    •Hair should be away from the face
    •No eyeglasses
  6. Copy of certificate of the Kenyan company/ Organization;
  7. Letter bearing the company/organization’s letterheads;
  8. Should specify the reason for applicant’s visit;
  9. Specify proposed date of entry and duration of stay;
  10. Show connection between applicant and the company/organization;
  11. The letter should have the name and signature of the person counter-signing it;
  12. Processing period is within 24 official working hours from time the Embassy receives the application request;
  13. Processing fees is SEK 400; and
  14. Payments to be made to KENYA EMBASSY STOCKHOLM ACCOUNT
  15. A self-address envelope with sufficient stamps, international coupons or click here for information on postal charges.

Click for checklist to enable accurate submission of requirements

The possession of a visa for Kenya is not the final authority to enter Kenya. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse such a person permission to enter if he is satisfied that such a visitor is unable to fullfil the immigration requirements and that the entry and presence of such a visitor, in Kenya would be contrary to national interests even though such a person may be in possession of a valid visa for Kenya, provided that any such refusal is consented to by the Director of Immigration Services Nairobi, his Deputies or the charge of Immigration at all ports of entry or any other Senior Officer so authorized to deputize.