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FAQs - Visa & Consular Services
These are the frequently asked questions about Visa and Consular Services.
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What are the requirements for a travel Document/Passport for my child born in the Nordic region?
What if the name of the father does not appear on the birth certificate and the mother is a Kenyan?
What happens to the child upon arrival in Kenya? Can a passport be applied for him/her?
What happens to a child born in the Nordic Region of a foreign father?
What happens to a person who is under 23 and has dual nationality?
How long does it take to have a Travel Document issued?
Are passports issued at the Embassy?
How long do passports take to be issued?
When is a transit visa issued?
Is the Kenya Embassy the only place a Scandinavia passport holder can get a visa?
The visa endorsement in a passport, does it allow a visitor to stay in Kenya?
Reentry within the validity of a visa...
Where to send visa requests...
I am a citizen of Sweden and am traveling through Nairobi on my way to Tanzania...
How much does a Visa cost for citizens of the Nordic Region?
Obtaining a visa at port of entry into Kenya...
What is the advantage of obtaining a Visa prior to entry into Kenya?
Is it possible to issue a multiple entry Visa for twelve months? What are the requirements?
Should children's Visa applications should be signed by a parent?
What kind of immunizations are required?
I am a Kenyan and my passport is about to expire. What is the procedure for a new passport?
How long does it take to obtain a new passport?
Renewal of a Kenyan Passport at the expiry of five years
Procedure for applying for a birth certificate for a child who was born in the Nordic Region.
What does one need if they wish to work in Kenya as employees?
What if I reside in Kenya without engaging in employment or any work paid or unpaid?
How do I get the entry permit form?
Do I send money to the Director of Immigration Services with the application form?
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