Class M Permits

Class M Permits

Class M Work permit issued to Conventional Refugees.

Class M Requirements

  1. Recognition letters from UNHCR and Department of Refugee Affairs;
  2. Processing Fee Gratis; and
  3. Permit is issued gratis.

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General Requirements

  1. Dully filled and signed application Form 25;
  2. Covering letter from employer/self/organization depending on the class (as applicable);
  3. Copies of the National Passport; and
  4. Two colored Passport size photographs.


  1. Application fees are only payable upon receipt of an approval notification;
  2. Dully completed Entry Permit applications should be submitted at immigration Aliens counter 9 located at Nyayo House Ground floor (south wing) along Kenyatta Avenue/ Uhuru Highway for acknowledgement;
  3. Applications for renewal of entry permits should be done three months prior to expiry date;
  4. These permits are normally issued for period of two years; and
  5. A fee of SEK 4 is payable for Application forms.
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