Widows and Widowers of Kenyan Citizens

Widows and Widowers of Kenyan Citizens

The application for registration as a citizen of Kenya by widows and widowers of a Kenyan citizen proceeds from section 12(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 which provides for: –

  1. A foreign national who has been married to a citizen who but for the death of the citizen would have been entitled, after a period of seven (7) years, to be registered as a citizen of Kenya under section 11, shall be deemed to be lawfully present in Kenya for the unexpired portion of the seven years and shall be eligible for registration as a citizen on application in the prescribed manner upon expiry of the seven (7) year period;
  2. The conditions for registration provided in section 11 shall apply to a widow or widower who has applied for registration under this section; and
  3. A widow or widower who marries a non-citizen before the expiry of the period of seven (7) years shall not be entitled to acquire citizenship by registration under this section.

The requirements include: –

  1. Application on form 9
  2. Copy of Marriage certificate;
  3. Certificate of good conduct;
  4. Proof that the marriage was not entered into for the purpose of acquiring immigration or citizenship status (Sworn affidavit);
  5. Proof that the marriage is subsisting (applicable to spouses);
  6. Copy of applicant’s passport;
  7. Copy of Kenyan passport or identity card of the Kenyan spouse;
  8. Copy of death certificate of spouse;
  9. Two (2) passport size photographs;
  10. Copy of dependants pass or permit;
  11. The Questionnaire to be duly completed by applicant (Click here for questionnaire)

Fee is as follows:

Type of citizenship Application Amount(SEK)
Registration for Citizenship for widows and widowers from East African community Partner State500
Registration for widows and widows2,000
  1. Fee is paid to (Click here); and
  2. Verify that you have the required document/pre-requisites and you meet the relevant criteria before you apply.


  1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted;
  2. Registration fee is non-refundable; and
  3. Application must be presented to the Immigration officer in Nairobi
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