Persons with Disability

Persons with Disability

Application for registration as a citizen of Kenya for a person with disability proceeds section 13(4) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 which provides that a child or person with disability who is a dependant of any biological parent or legal guardian who is a citizen of Kenya by registration shall upon an application made on their behalf in a prescribed manner be registered as a citizen, upon:—

  1. production of documents conferring Kenyan citizenship to any of the parents or the legal guardian;
  2. production of the child’s or the person with disability’s birth certificate; and
  3. proof of lawful residence of the child or person with disability in Kenya.

The requirements include: –

  1. Application form 12 to be duly completed;
  2. Two (2) passport size photographs;
  3. Copy of Kenyan passport or identity card of the parent;
  4. Copy of Birth certificate;
  5. Immigration pass or permit;
  6. Medical certification (applicable to persons with disabilities);
  7. Adoption certificate (applicable to adopted children);
  8. Copy of national passport;
  9. Proof of lawful residence in Kenya;
  10. Copy of parent’s/legal guardian certificate of registration;
  11. Medical certificate on disability;
  12. Certificate of good conduct for children above 18 Years;
  13. Fee of SEK 2,000 to be paid to (Click here); and
  14. Verify that you have the required document/pre-requisites and you meet the relevant criteria before you apply.


  1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted;
  2. Registration fee is non-refundable; and
  3. Application must be presented to the Immigration officer in Nairobi
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