New / First Passport

Application for New Passport (First Application)

Requirements / Checklist for New Passport Application (First Application)

  1. A duly filled and signed eCitizen passport application Form;
  2. Two (2) payment invoices of the prescribed passport fee downloaded from eCitizen;
  3. Original Kenyan ID card and a photocopy of the front and back for applicants at age 18 years and above;
  4. Original birth certificate and 1 photocopy of the front and back (Extract of the population register for children born in Sweden and Finland while children born in Denmark, Iceland and Norway should submit original birth certificate with translation to English);
  5. Three (3) passport size photos (;
  6. A photocopy of the Kenyan recommender’s ID card (front and back). The recommender should not be related to the applicant and must sign the recommender’s section on the application form;
  7. Copies of Parents’ ID;
  8. Duly filled consent Form for minors (See attached Parental Consent for Minors); and
  9. Original Certificate of Registration if Kenyan by naturalisation and 1 photocopy of the front and back.
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