Lost Passport

Application for a lost passport replacement

Kindly Check the embassy to find out if there is a extracting passport before applying

Application Requirements:-

  1. Two (2) 
    Form 19 Dully completed online and signed;
  2. A Copy of the birth certificate of the applicant, Kenya National identity card and Passpot;
  3. Affidavit of circumstances surrounding loss or theft Download Link;
  4. An Applicant’s letter explaining the circumstances of the loss;
  5. Police clearing of passports;
  6. Three (3) Current, clear and UN-installed passport size photographs for at least 6 months. Select preferences;

    • No earing or headgear (no hats).
    • The Hair should be away from the face
    • No Glasses

  7. A Certified copy of the referrer’s Kenyan national identity card or passport;
  8. TWO (2) questionnaire for the lost passport.
  9. Return postage 100SEK or self-addressed envelopes sufficient postage stamps
  10. The Stipulated payment for the lost passport replacement is SEK 1200;
  11. Passport fees are payable: Kenya Embassy STOCKHOLM ACCOUNT
  12. Issued within 6-8 weeks
  13. In Fact, address the envelope with enough stamps, international Coupons or click here for more information about shipping costs.

Select a checklist to provide accurate delivery of requirements

Note: To determine the actual conditions of disappearance or theft of the passport, the applicant may have to arrive at the interview at the embassy if necessary.

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