General Passport Guidelines

General Guidelines for Passport Application

  1. All applicants must duly complete Form 19;
  2. Be a Kenyan Citizen;
  3. Must be in possession of original birth certificate;
  4. All applicants 18 years and above must be in possession of Kenyan National identity cards;
  5. Applicants under 18 years of age must have one of the Parents’/Guardians’ consent letter and copies of the Passport and the National Identity Card;
  6. Immediately upon collection of a new Passport, it is important that one reads through the notes, appends his/her signature and notes the Immigration Reference Number (R. No).
  7. All applicants are advised not to use third parties to follow up on their applications, but to consult directly with the Embassy;
  8. These requirements may not be exhaustive, if necessary, more information may be required;
  9. Any service that does not conform to the above standards should be reported to Kenya Embassy contacts; and
  10. Payments for Passport applications be made to: KENYA EMBASSY STOCKHOLM ACCOUNT
  11. Issued within 6-8 weeks
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