This is to notify Kenyans in the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) that the Government of the Republic of Kenya has rolled out the e-Passport application, submission and biodata capture services in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Kenyans requiring the service are invited to submit applications and thereafter collect their e-passports at either of the following Embassies: –

  1. Berlin, Germany (Website) ;
  2. Paris, France (Website); and
  3. London, United Kingdom (Website).

The e-passport application can also be processed in Kenya at: –

  1. Nyayo house, Nairobi (Website);
  2. Mombasa;
  3. Kisumu;
  4. Nyeri;
  5. Nakuru;
  6. Embu;
  7. Kisii; or
  8. Eldoret.

Applicants who wish to apply for the e-Passport should adhere to the requirements and thereafter appear physically for biometric data capture at one of the designated processing stations.

The use of old generation machine readable passports has been extended up to 1st March, 2020.

The guidelines for e-Passport application, submission and biodata capture services are as follows: –

  1. Application Process
  2. Important Notice
  3. Photo Guideline for Applicants Appearing for Biometrics
  4. Booking an appointment
  5. Types of E-Passport Services
    a) New Passport Application (First Application)
    b) Replacement of Existing passport
    c) Replacement of a mutilated/ damaged passport
    d) Replacement of a lost passport
    e) Change of name or particulars on passport
  6. Contact Information

Application Process

The e-passport application process includes the following: –

  1. Register on www.ecitizen.go.ke;
  2. Go to www.immigration.ecitizen.go.ke and click on the passport application form;
  3. Read the instructions carefully and fill the application form;
  4. Select the mode of payment and pay for the passport fees;
  5. Download and print the application form and three application receipts;
  6. Book an appointment for biometrics data capture at one of the designated stations
  7. Submit the application form in person to one of the designated stations;
  8. E-passport applicants at age 18 years and above must be holders of a valid Kenyan National Identity Card, which will also be required to register on the eCitizen platform;
  9. Applicants who are over 18 years and do not have a Kenyan National Identity Card will not be able to apply for an e-Passport. Such applicants must travel to Kenya to be issued a valid ID card before applying for a passport replacement on eCitizen. There is currently no exception to this requirement.
  10. Applications for children under 18 years can be made by the Kenyan ID holding parent who is on the birth certificate.
  11. The Sample of Kenyan ID card is: –

Identification Card Kenya

Important Notice

  1. It is upon the applicant to fulfil all the application requirements on the provided checklist;
  2. The Birth Certificate numbers appear on the Left-hand side of the Birth Certificate (above the date of birth) and not at the top right-hand side (Serial No.);
  3. The recommender in Section 7 should be a Kenyan citizen, who personally knows the applicant but not an immediate relative;
  4. Part of the application process involves scanning of your documents. When uploading make sure they are in picture format (jpeg. png.) and not in document format (pdf. docx. doc.);
  5. You will be required to enter your KRA Tax PIN on the passport application. If you do not have one, apply on https://www.kra.go.ke/en/services/apply-for-pin ;
  6. Passport fee will be paid on eCitizen in the specified payment method and amount;
  7. Once you have successfully completed the application on the eCitizen platform and made the necessary payment for the e-Passport, download the passport application and Invoice of Payment PDFs from the PRINT SERVICES page of your eCitizen account; and
  8. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Photo Guideline for Applicants Appearing for Biometrics

  1. Applicant’s hair should be in a neutral dark colour and if long, completely pulled back in a ponytail so that it does not cover the forehead, the ears or even the shoulders;
  2. Ears should be earring-free and no piercings or nose ring;
  3. Make up if necessary, must be neutral. No contouring of nose, lips or eyebrows;
  4. Ladies should not be wearing strappy or strapless tops;
  5. Without a smiling or laughing countenance and without spectacles;
  6. Without any head gear or covering; and
  7. Children should be able to sit upright with minimal support.

Types of E-Passport Services

  1. New Passport Application (First Application)
  2. Replacement of Existing passport
  3. Replacement of a mutilated/ damaged passport
  4. Replacement of a lost passport
  5. Change of name or particulars on passport


Department of Immigration Services, Nairobi
Telephone: +254-20-2222022; +254-20-2217544; +254-20-2218833
Email: dis@immigration.go.ke
Twitter: @ImmigrationDept
Website: www.immigration.go.ke

Kenya Embassy, Berlin
Telephone: +30259266 0
Fax: +3025926650
Email: immigration@kenyaembassyberlin.de
Website: www.kenyaembassyberlin.de

Kenya Embassy, France
Telephone: +33156622525
Address: 3 Rue Freycinet, 75116 Paris, France
Email: Click link (http://paris.mfa.go.ke/?page_id=19)
Website: www.kenyaembassyparis.org

Kenya Embassy, London
Telephone: 020 7636 2371/5
Address:45 Portland Place, London W1B 1AS,
Email: immigration@kenyahighcom.org.uk
Website: www.kenyahighcom.org.uk

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