Becoming a Kenyan Citizen


Chapter 3 of the Kenya Constitution and the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 recognizes the citizenship rights of an individual in Kenya. There are various ways in which one may acquire Kenya citizenship as follows: –

  1. Citizenship by birth;
  2. Regaining of Kenya citizenship;
  3. Citizenship by registration; and
  4. Citizenship by registration

Citizenship by birth

This applies to the following: –

  1. A person born of a Kenyan parent irrespective of the place of birth automatically becomes a citizen by birth;
  2. The Constitution confers automatic recognition of the persons holding citizenship of other countries as citizens of Kenya by birth so long as they areable to prove parentage through production of evidence i.e. Kenya National Identification card or passport of either of the parents;
  3. Kenyan citizens by birth who ceased to be citizens of Kenya by voluntarily acquiring citizenship of other countries in accordance with the repealed Constitution may regain their Kenyan citizenship upon application in the prescribed manner (application form may be down loaded from this website);
  4. A person who enjoyed dual citizenship but who by virtue of the repealed Constitution 2010 renounced or lost their Kenyan citizenship upon attainment of the age of twenty-three (23) years would automatically be deemed to be a citizen by birth.


  1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted;
  2. Fee paid is non-refundable; and
  3. Application must be presented to the Immigration officer in Nairobi
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