The Ambassador

Message From H.E. The Ambassador,

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Stockholm was established in 1970. The Embassy is mandated to articulate and implement Kenya’s Foreign Policy in the accredited five Nordic countries; the Kingdoms of Sweden, Norway and Denmark and the Republics of Finland and Iceland.

The Embassy’s core function is to promote, project and protect Kenya’s image and interests in the Nordic countries, particularly, towards achieving the nation’s development agenda, Kenya vision 2030 and agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals. To succeed in this, the Embassy pursues her mandate by engaging relevant stakeholders and partners through innovative diplomacy.

The Embassy endeavors to be a model Diplomatic Mission for enhancing mutual development opportunities and sustainable partnerships. The Embassy is also to advance interests of Kenya and her nationals in Nordic countries through innovative diplomacy. The Mission’s knowledge and awareness of the increasing demand for International cooperation, partnerships and sustainability will remain invaluable in determining strategies dealing with partners in the Nordics. Therefore, the Embassy taps in the dynamic opportunities within the Nordic countries for mutual engagements to ensure effective articulation of Kenya’s foreign policy through her five diplomatic pillars..

To achieve her mandate, the Mission is guided by a vision, mission and strategic objectives together with the following core values: Professionalism; Equity and fairness; Patriotism; ethics and integrity; Team spirit; Innovation & creativity and Customer focus. The five strategic objectives for the Mission cover issues relating to:

  1. Economic Cooperation.
  2. International Trade and Investment.
  3. Kenya’s Image and Prestige in the Nordics.
  4. Peace and Security.
  5. Diaspora Engagement and Consular Services.
  6. Strengthening of Institutional Capacity.

The Mission’s service delivery has sets of commitments by the Embassy and her staff to provide clients with quality services. The Mission further takes cognisance of the fact that global competitiveness and prosperity are key areas of interests that define her engagement with internal and external environment.

It is my strongest believe that effective execution of the Embassy’s mandate will enhance performance and service delivery at the Mission. In this regard, the Mission has a responsibility to deliver on her mandate aligned to specific strategies, Mission and Vision.

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