Emergency Travel Documents

Emergency Certificates are issued only in cases of genuine emergency. This is a one-way document, issued to a Kenyan who needs to travel to Kenya urgently and has mutilated or lost a passport. The applicant must present himself/ herself to the Embassy in PERSON for interview.


Requirements for Emergency Travel Documents are as follows: -

  1. Complete Form 19 (Click Form 19);
  2. Application to be submitted at least three (3) official days to travel date;
  3. Two (2) passport size photographs (See specifications);
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate;
  5. Copy of Kenya Passport and National Identity Card;
  6. Ticket itinerary to Kenya;
  7. An application letter clearly indicating IN FULL, the reasons for emergency, your residential address, telephone number, email, and postal address;

  9. Processing fee of SEK 200; and
  10. Fee to be paid (Click here).

Kindly note that emergency documents are strictly issued on emergency cases only, consequently the applicant shall be required to provide proof.