Application for Replacement of Passport (Expired / Filled Up)

Requirements for application: -


  1. The applicant shall submit an application for the passport in the prescribed
    Form 19;
  2. The expired or filled up Passport being replaced and its copy;
  3. Three colored Passport size photographs of the applicant with one of photos duly certified as true likeness of the applicant by the recommender. Click for specifications;
  4. Certified copy of the recommender’s Kenyan National Identity Card or passport;
  5. Prescribed fee for replacement of passport is as follows: -
  6. Copies of the applicant's birth certificate and ID
  7. Personal letter explaining need for a new passport.
  8. Return postage fee 100SEK or self addressed envelopes with sufficient stamps
  9. Issued within 6-8 weeks

PASSPORT TYPE Passport Fees in Swedish Kronor SEK)
32 Pages Ordinary "A" Series 450
48 pages Ordinary "B" Series 600
64 Pages Ordinary "C" Series 750
Passport fees payments to be made to KENYA EMBASSY STOCKHOLM ACCOUNT


Note: -
The passport which was previously used and cannot be used any further shall immediately after the issuance of a new passport be cancelled by the Passport Control Officer. 


No person shall be issued with a new passport unless the application is accompanied by the previous passport.