Application for Ordinary (First Application)

Requirements for application:


  1. Two(2) form 19; duly completed/filled online and signed.
  2. Copies of birth Certificate and Kenya National Identity Card.
  3. Copies of passport where both parents are Kenyans. Incase one parent is non-Kenyan avail copy of the parent's passport.
  4. Three(3) current, clear and un-mounted passport size photographs not less than 6 months. Click for specifications;

    • No earing or headgear(no hats).
    •Hair should be away from the face
    •No eyeglasses

  5. An Extract of population register for minors' born in Sweden and Finland. Those born in Norway, Iceland and Denmark to submit the original birth certificate.
  6. The Applicant must be recommended in section 7 of form 19 by a Kenyan citizen of sound mind. This person should not be a relative;
  7. The recommender in section 7 must attach a copy of his/her National Identity Card or passport;
  8. The Parental Consent Form to be dully completed;
  9. In case of an applicant who is adopted, the original adoption certificate, clearance letter from the children’s department and the Court ruling is required;
  10. A self-address envelope with sufficient stamps, international coupons or click here for information on postal charges.
  11. Click for checklist to enable accurate submission of requirements
  12. Prescribed fee for passport is as follows: -
  13. PASSPORT TYPE Passport Fees in Swedish Kronor (SEK)
    32 Pages Ordinary "A" Series 450
    48 pages Ordinary "B" Series 600
    64 Pages Ordinary "C" Series 750
    Passport fees payments to be made to KENYA EMBASSY STOCKHOLM ACCOUNT

  14. Issued within 6-8 weeks
  15. Note:

    If need be, the Passport Control Officer may require the applicant for a passport to produce supplementary information so as to ascertain the citizenship or nationality of the applicant. These may include the applicant’s parent’s birth certificate, national identity card, or certificate of naturalization or registration.