Application for Replacement of Mutilated Passport

Requirements for application: -


  1. The applicant shall submit an application for the passport in the prescribed
    Form 19;
  2. Mutilated Passport to be replaced and its copy;
  3. An affidavit of the circumstances surrounding the mutilation or damage;
  4. A letter by the applicant explaining circumstances of mutilation;
  5. Three colored Passport size photographs of the applicant with one of photos duly certified as true likeness of the applicant by the recommender. Click for specifications;
  6. Certified copy of the recommender’s Kenyan National Identity Card or Passport;
  7. Prescribed fee for replacement of mutilated passport is SEK 1000;
  8. Passport fees payments to be made to: KENYA EMBASSY STOCKHOLM ACCOUNT
  9. Issued within 6-8 weeks

Note: -To ascertain the true circumstances on the damage of the passport, the applicant may be required to appear for an interview at the Embassy if necessary.