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Investment Opportunities in Kenya
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Investment Opportunities in Kenya

Why Invest in Kenya
Kenya offers an appealing investment climate to investors looking for low-cost, efficient production and service location form which to target export markets.  The crucial advantages which investors can exploit in Kenya to make them internationally competitive can be summarized as follows:-
  • Enabling economic policy framework
  • Uninterrupted political stability
  • Strategic geographical position and accessibility to regional markets: EAC, COMESA
  • Well established private sector, entrepreneurial tradition and strong manufacturing base
  • Abundant, affordable and well educated human resources
  • Relatively developed physical infrastructure
  • Good social amenities and quality of life
  • Guaranteed investment protection

Investment Policy

Kenya employs liberal fiscal and monetary policies that enhance the investment environment.  These include:-
  • Pricing of goods determined by market forces
  • No exchange controls
  • Rationalised trade licensing
  • No discretionary clauses in the tax laws
  • 5% duty rates on all capital goods
  • Measures that allow an investor to recover the value of import duties on capital goods for a project against his/her income tax liability, wehre expenditure on productive physical assets is in excess of US$5 million within a rtwo year period.

Major Investment Incentives

These include:
  • Investment Allowance; New investments or expansions are granted allowance on plant, machinery, building and equipment
  • Depreciation; Liberal rates are allowed for depreciation of assets based on book value
  • Loss carried forward – to be offset against future profits.

Incentives programmes for export oriented investments include:
  • Duty remission facility
  • Manufacture under bond
  • The Export Processing Zones Programme

Guarantees to Investors

  • The Government guarantees repatriation of capital and profits after payment of the necessary taxes
  • Kenya is a member of the Muiltilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGRA), a world bank affiliate
  • Kenya is a member of the International Center for the settlement of Investment disputes. (ICSID)
  • Kenya is also a member of African Trade Insurance Agency (ATIA)


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