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All Kenyan nationals living in the Nordic Region are advised to register with the Embassy.  Registration will facilitate communication with you when necessary. online_reg.png

Kindly register online or download the necessary Registration Form and post or fax it back to us.

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Consular functions in cases of arrest and/or detention of Kenyan national in the Nordic Region

Apart from its diplomatic functions, the Embassy provides consular services to visiting or resident Kenyan nationals and individuals wishing to travel to Kenya. Consular functions are set forth in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR) and they are designed to ensure that foreign governments can extend appropriate consular services to their nationals. Such consular services are also available when a foreign national is arrested or detained within the territory of the receiving State.

Consular officials are entitled access to their nationals in detention, and are entitled to provide appropriate consular assistance. When Kenyan nationals are arrested or detained, they should be advised, of the right to have their consular officials notified. Subject to the express consent of the arrested/detained individuals the relevant law enforcement agency should notify the consular officer at the Embassy without delay. If an individual declines to give consent, the Embassy will not be notified. Upon receipt of notification of the arrest/detention of Kenyan nationals the Embassy will make contact the arrested/detained national to facilitate consular assistance.



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